Update v1.1.0

Changes in this version:

  • Script has been amended

The game script has been updated to change how characters' pronouns are handled. My original idea was basically "Wouldn't it be neat if in the future, people just gave their pronouns when they introduced themselves like it was a normal thing?". So I wrote it so that characters always refer to people whose pronouns they don't know with they/them. In each loop, Jaro initially refers to Yxil as they/them until he tells him his pronouns.

This seems cool in theory but some recent happening on social media made me rethink and now this approach doesn't sit well with me. Therefore, I've updated the script so characters use appropriate gendered language and pronouns to refer to other characters.


chronomuxed-1.1.0-windows-linux.zip 198 MB
Version 1 Sep 08, 2019
chronomuxed-1.1.0-osx.zip 181 MB
Version 1 Sep 08, 2019

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