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Great job! Space horror is always a good time and Terra's bloody visions gave me some nice Event Horizon vibes. Love the artwork as well!

Yeahhh!!! Event Horizon is one of my fav films! Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed!

Hi I'm really enjoying this! I got an error though:

While running game code:

  File "game/sprites/cyan.rpy", line 68, in <module>

NameError: name 'cyan_glasses' is not defined

Ooh! Thank you very much for the report!

Can you tell me which version of the game this appears in? You can find out by going to the about screen

(1 edit)

1.2.1 (Linux)

Thanks! I’ll have a look and see if I can get a fix out this week

AHH sci fi hauntings in space - I was looking forward to this so much and I absolutely loved it!

Loved the premise, the punchy beginning, the supercool UI, loved the ART (those crisp bgs, the gorgeous characters, their designs, their adorable expressions, their beautiful EYES)!?!

And aside from their look, the characters themselves were so much fun – I love smart girls who toast to physics – and their relationship dynamics felt nicely established coming into the story, with strong foundations ready to grow!

I also really need to mention the incredible visual effects you employed, which created so many standout moments in the story, such as:


The mirror moment, especially the first blink!

The awesome spacewalk effect!

The floating in space moment!

Not to mention the infinite (black hole) girl - that effect was really breathtaking!!

The ending was really satisfying too – it felt hopeful and curious without 100% explaining away all the mystery, a very nice balance.

Talking of endings - I saw that you've also added some CGs - and although my playthrough was v satisfying without them, it's an extra treat to know they'll be there for the future. 

And last but not least - absolutely incredible that you did this in a month as a SOLO DEV, I shake your hand in awe!


ahhh!! ty so much for this lovely review I’m a bit blown away!! So happy you enjoyed the game! 💖💖💖


Can I just say first off, that I love things that have to do with space. I don't actually know much about space......... BUT I JUST LOVE IT. And it also creeps me out. So with that in mind going in, I was already set to have a ton of fun with this. And I was of course simultaneously fascinated and freaked out by the blACK HOLE THAT'S ALWAYS JUST THERE OUTSIDE THE WINDOW. My god.

OK, now that I've gotten that out of the way... everything about this is so well done and polished and well presented!! The spacey theme just exudes out of every pore, from the music tracks, that all have a very bright electronic space-like vibe, to the amazing GUI that looks straight out of an expensive AAA game (complete with beautiful animations that made me want to open and close the menu constantly!), to the BGs, which were all gorgeous (and all featured the aforementioned Space View™ that made my eyes boggle at all times).

The characters were absolutely charming! I fell in love with Cyan literally the second she came on screen. She just radiates this supreme adorable-ness and I constantly just wanted to take her into my arms and hold and protect her forever. And I loved Cas, too! I felt so lovingly protected by her, heheh. And Terra was great as the protagonist. I loved all of their interactions SO much. The dialogue was brilliant at all times. A wonderful natural flow that made the characters feel real and alive and with so much personality. The way they played off of each other was so well done, and because I got Cyan's route, I got to see the ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE scenes with her and Terra that made my heart squish into a million pieces (the bar scene omgggggggg).

A positively chilling story! I was legit creeped out the first time the bloody vision of Terra appeared. And you did a wonderful job with the build-up of clues and tension throughout. I also loved how the romance was interwoven into the story rather than just being something separate on the side. It made it feel like a complete package of story + my love for Cyan LOLOLOL I kid but honestly it was really well done. And now I want to replay and see Cas's route so I can have her take care of me heheh 🤭

BUT I DIGRESS. Super well done. Amazingly polished. Lovely story, dialogue, and characters. Just everything! Had so much fun playing this!! 💕


I THINK I JUST TEARED UP… I’m so happy all the things that I really loved working on in the game paid off and became all the things that you loved about it too ;w; For real. Thank you so much 💖💖💖💖💖


The art is really great, I especially love the character design and all the little touch like the UI or the field force , they really add life to the story. 

The characters were all really likeable, I really love Terra and I am hard to please when it comes to MC! 

Finally the music and sound effect, really add the little touch to the story! It's well written, interesting and I love all the scientific facts in the story. Not too much but really immersive.  

Really a good game <3

Thank you so much I'm really glad you enjoyed it!! 💖💖💖

This was so so cool. Gotta love a mystery sci-fi story. 

Terra is a great MC and I love her. We need a sequel.


💖💖💖 Yknow... yuri jam is this month. I could do a sequel... owo;;;

hello im having an issue where the character sprites are placed too high in the frame

This also happened to me! I restarted the game again and it was fine :)

thanks for the report. what's your operating system?


nvm I know what the issue is. this should be fixed in v1.1.1. please redownload the latest version <3

thank youuuu <3